CNB Semi-Custom

Overview of CNB Bordeaux 60

CNB Bordeaux 60

CNB 76

Overview of CNB 76

For over 25 years, CNB has mastered the art of building superyachts, from the initial design stages through to launching and fine-tuning in the water in front of the shipyard. With its in-company Design Office employing more than 40 people, a loyal and highly-qualified production team, an ultra-modern woodwork shop, assistants who have sailed aboard some of the finest yachts in the world, CNB manages all this know-how with assurance and is exceptionally responsive at all levels. It is our policy to provide reliable technical solutions, while keeping abreast of constant innovation in the sector. Based on the vast experience on constructing the superyachts, now the shipyard offers semi-custom yachts: the Bordeaux 60 and the brand new CNB 76.